AudioDraft Music Contest:

What does Roskilde Festival sound like?

Roskilde Festival is a non-profit organisation and one of the biggest European festivals. We're looking for an Official Roskilde Festival Ringtone.
The winning ringtone will be launched as a free download gift from the festival to over 100,000 visitors and fans.
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Design Brief

The tune must:

  • signal Roskilde Festival
  • have a maximum duration of 30 seconds
  • be an original composition (no sampling from other works allowed)
  • only be in English if you use words
  • be freely used by all

Be creative and original. Come up with a unique tune, which you believe will be perfect as The Official Roskilde Festival Ringtone. Besides that, there are no specific requirements. You can use all kinds of instruments, sounds, voices or whatever you find fitting for your version of the Roskilde ringtone.

The winner will be announced in December.


The winner of this challenge will receive two tickets and transportation to Roskilde Festival 2013 - and a unique backstage tour + food and beverages.

Currently playing

List of the entries

Roskilde Jumps! #2
by Pablo_Betancourt
Orange Tune
by Theis
One True Addiction
by Yugenmusic
ring of Roskilde .2
by chakkimatti
Hey Hey! (v2)
by HappyStrong
PunkThaFest V3
by nmusic
Queen of slam
by AudioMax
RKR Lemon Champ
by GonzaloFranzosi
And the Gods made RF
by AudioMax
Electro Tune
by thijsson